Born and raised in the United Kingdom, I discovered photography at age twelve and after assisting several well known photographers in London including Rankin, I relocated to Tokyo where I started out working in fashion photography.  I now specialise in portraiture and lifestyle/adventure photography.

I have been working as a professional photographer in Japan for the last 20 years for a number of clients both foreign and domestic.  I’m very familiar with the culture and business customs in Japan and can help foreign clients planning projects in Japan with the relevant services.

I work for a variety of clients around the world on portraiture, advertising, marketing and editorial assignments.  A selection of clients are featured in the ticker below.

The work on this site showcases the approach I take with my assignments: simplicity with a strong focus on natural aesthetics and authenticity.



For foreign clients planning a project in Japan, I can help you scout and secure outdoor, studio or other suitable location for you shoot.  Liaise and negotiate on your behalf with local providers.  Scout and secure both professional and non professional models, make-up artists, stylists, film/video producers and editors.


I retouch all my own assignment work to provide clients with the very highest quality post-production finishes but you also can hire me for retouching work only.


Some of my work is available to purchase as fine art prints but you can also enquire about any other work you see on my site for custom printing.  You can find examples and detailed information here.


Free group workshops and bespoke one to one paid workshops.  You can learn more about these options on my workshop page.

The Photographer in Japan

With over 20 years experience as a photographer in Japan, I am familiar with the business culture, speak the language fluently and can help you plan your project from here in Tokyo.

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