I've been taking pictures since I was little and have always spent a great deal of time in nature.

Bringing these two passions together makes a lot of sense, especially when we consider what's happening in the world today.

Photography is as simple as recording a moment in time, but it's the moments we choose to document and the people we choose to share those moments with, that have the ability to motivate and bring about change.

It's my hope with this small but growing collection of work to inspire people to seek out adventures for themselves, experience nature first-hand and bring awareness to our planets situation and all the creatures on it who also call it home.

I'm donating a portion of sales to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society that helps protect the oceans and the marine life in them.

Buying one of my dolphin prints helps this very worthy and important cause.


I’ve hand-picked a few prints from my entire catalog of work that I think will work nicely in your home.

I’ve chosen only the pieces I think will transport you from the surface level of just being another viewer of another photograph, to feeling the sense of immersion you would feel if you were in the picture yourself.

Personal Guarantee

I have meticulously prepared each photograph to print beautifully edge to edge on textured, fade free canvas so that when it arrives, it looks just a good as it does in the previews here.

I think you will love the finished product, but if for some reason you are not 100% satisfied, please get in touch with me with your concerns so we can arrange a return.

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