Wall Art for Sale

Wall Art, Canvas Art, Wall Art Prints, Wall Decoration.  Call it what you will, but it all boils down to one thing; a piece of work that you hang on your wall.

With so much choice out there, it can be quite a daunting task to decide what you want. Knowing something about the artist or the work itself is a great way to find out if the work resonates with you.  More often than not though, the work is presented as a product first and foremost with the inspiration behind it lost behind a wall of marketing, up sells, cross sells and sales funnels.

Welcome to my corner of the world where I’d like to share with you what I have to offer. Why I think it’s important and how I think my work could become a meaningful part of your home.

Steven West

I’m a British born freelance photographer based in Japan. I started taking pictures when I was very young and haven’t stopped since. Traversing many genres over the years I’ve found a place I like to be – in nature.

It started as a way to escape the city at first but I starting to photograph my outdoor adventures too. I was taking pictures of some extraordinarily beautiful places and amazing creatures, but no idea what to do with them.

The Enquiry

About a year ago I received an e-mail from a woman in New Zealand. She had found a picture of mine somewhere on the Internet and wanted to know if there was any way she could get a print. She told me it had a calming effect on her and she wanted to hang it in her living room to help her relax.

I had never considered selling my work as Wall Art. Slowly the idea of fusing photography and nature with the intent of doing something good started to form. Everyone knows we’ve got work to do to reverse the damage we’ve done so far. We all know that we shouldn’t drive gas-guzzingly SUV’s or forget to turn off the lights when we go out. But sometimes we just can’t keep tabs on every little thing we do and analyse whether it’s environmentally friendly or not.

This might sound tree hugger-ish. Let me be the first to say, I’m not the most environmentally friendly person on the earth. I don’t walk everywhere or ride a bicycle when I could. I sometimes forget to tell the cashier at the convenience store to not put my bottle of water in a plastic bag. Seriously, putting a small plastic bottle of water into a plastic bag is just… well, overkill! It’s like the film Inception but starring plastic!

Wall Art Canvas by Steven West
The Picture That Started It All

An Idea

If I’m not a hardline environmentalist or someone at the other end of the spectrum, where do I fit in?

It’s simple. I’ve always loved being in nature and I’ll always loved photography. Nature has some struggles up ahead and photography has become a very saturated market. At first that might sound bleak, but it really isn’t. In fact, it opens up a new world to explore and along with it, a chance to do some good and make a difference where it really matters.

I see an opportunity to use my camera to highlight the absolute wonder of nature. To incite a curiosity of nature in those where there once was none. Excite people into exploring places they’ve never heard of. Help people see the world from a first person perspective and not just through the lens of a zoo or some colourful postcards. To gain a sense of immersion and involvement.

Scratching An Itch

Since day one I loved working with a camera but I always secretly admired people who choose the jobs I didn’t choose. Doctor, Fireman, Scientist, Teacher. I didn’t pay much attention at school, preferring to look out of the windows instead. A product of all that day dreaming was poor academic skills and that in turn somewhat dictated my path into photography. It’s not something I regret one bit. Windows=good. Blackboard=bad!

But that message out of the blue – it got me curious. Could my work hang in peoples homes as Wall Art and do some good? Would it invoke conversations in the home about nature? Perhaps act as a friendly reminder that we’re on a pretty amazing rock flying through space and with a hop, skip and jump, see more of it for ourselves?  Maybe I could put to rest the nagging guilt of my early years and do some good in my trade?

Wall Art – My Offering

To that end, it’s my hope you’ll take a look at my small and curated collection of work that I have chosen. I’ve edited down from 1,000’s of images to a very limited selection. I’ve chosen pieces that have something notable enough about them to invoke conversations and inspire people. Each piece is unique and a lot of effort has gone into producing them. Researching, travelling, climbing, kayaking, diving and free-diving. All in an effort to bring to the forefront the very best of nature in the very best way I know how.